Opening hours

Please note, our opening times are now Saturday - Sunday, 10am to 5pm; holiday drop-off/pick-up 7 days a week by appointment.


Tickenham Rabbit Centre is run by Pat from her farm in the beautiful Somerset countryside. For over 30 years Pat has been breeding, selling and caring for rabbits. Always ready to give advice on anything rabbit related, Pat and Tickenham Rabbit Centre are the number one rabbit supplier in the county.

We are specialists in dwarf lops and minatures, and have a large range of ages and colours of our carefully bred rabbits. Come down and have a look. Children are more than welcome and may even find some of our own rabbits roaming free around the farm.

But of course we are not just livestock suppliers, Tickenham Rabbit Centre also carries an extensive range of dry goods and supplies for your pets, including one of the largest ranges of hutches and runs to be found in one place.


Planning a holiday but worried about what to do with your pet? Not sure about asking the neighbour? Tickenham Rabbit Centre can provide you with piece of mind. We offer a 5 star boarding experience - spacious hutches just for your pet, cleaned daily with plenty of fresh water and fed with Allen & Page food - or on whatever special diet your animal requires. We also ensure they get plenty of exercise in large runs with plenty of toys. The safety and well-being of all our rabbits always comes first.

Please get in touch with any questions you have or come along to see us for yourself. Special requirements? Just ask and we'll do our best to help.

Tickenham Rabbit Centre are always happy to give you advice about your rabbit. Feel free to call us or come down and we will do our best to help you.


Tickenham Rabbit Centre sells a wide variety of supplies and accessories for rabbits.

There are always a very varied range of hand made hutches in stock - please come down and browse. everything from hay and straw, bedding, food, and toys. indoor cages. tunnels, tents, starter packs available.

Delivery can be arranged on larger items, but there is usually a cost.

Come and visit us:

Tickenham Rabbit Centre
Luggards Cross Farm,
Stone Edge Batch,
Avon, BS21 6SE, UK.

+44 1275 852 452

We are open on Saturday - Sunday, from 10am to 5pm; 7 days a week for holiday collection/drop-off by appointment.